Homecoming Week Highlights

Rank&File went around the school documenting Homecoming week

Sophomore Katherine Shatokhin and junior Marina Josipovic (top) pose for a picture while wearing onesies during pajama day. Seniors Sean Sanders, Sam Lee, Henry Church, Chris Kiersz and Reid Buckley (bottom) pose wearing the cross country pajama pants during lunch to start off the Homecoming spirit week.


The second day of spirit week hosted musical chairs. Students competed in the game to win class points with juniors winning the game in the end.



During the annual Learn kickball game, junior Tallulah Grivet (top) kicks for junior class. Sophomores and freshmen played on the other side of the field. Senior Ryan Pourshojae (middle) holds kickball as he waits for round to begin. Seniors Zayan Meah, Jordan Minella and Matthew Lenert (bottom) cheer after the seniors score a point.


Blackout was also one of the spirit themes with kids decking out in black clothing. Seniors, however, decided to wear pink since the seniors class was already assigned black for class colors day, which happened to be the following day.


On the same day as the annual kickball game was decades day. On this spirit day, each class wore clothing from different decades. Freshman were assigned the 70s, sophomores were assigned the 80s, juniors were assigned the 90s and seniors were assigned ancient Greece.


Spanish teacher Carlota Shewchuk’s fifth period (top) participates in class colors day. Each grade was assigned a color: freshmen wore white (middle), sophomores wore red, juniors wore blue(bottom) and seniors wore black for the spirit day. The spirit day’s theme was also the theme for the homecoming football game later that day. The football team played against Chantilly.