From the battalion to basketball

After a distinguished career in the military, 9th grade Health and PE teacher Michael Horn brings his experience to his classes.

Horn started teaching as an instructor for firearms and tactics around eight years ago.

“I started instructing while I was in the First Ranger Battalion, overseas and here,” he said.

He chose to start teaching adults when he joined the military.

“When I got in the military, there’s not a lot of jobs for infantry. So I started teaching at a range, doing firearms and different classes,” he said.

A year ago, he shifted to teaching kids.

“I got into the career switcher program and completed level one this spring. Then, going into level two is getting a job and start teaching,” he said.

Horn did the job fair online over the summer and said this was what drew him to Marshall.

“I think talking with Mr. Swarm, it was the way he talked about school and how it was, the programs here,” Horn said. “He kind of drew me to the school itself.”

Horn said classroom management will be the hardest part for him since he is switching from teaching adults to 9th graders. Still, he is excited about his career change.

“I think the most rewarding part of this is there’s an endpoint, there’s a purpose to it,” Horn said “[With] teaching adults versus teaching kids, you’re molding the future.”