Junior Samia Sayd details what pushes her to play

Junior Samia Sayd’s love for her teammates and the sport of volleyball carries her team in their bid for a regional title.

Sayd has played volleyball since the third grade and places her drive to succeed in her teammates.

“I like the bond I have with both my highschool and club teammates,” Sayd said. “I love spending time with them on the court and off because they bring such good energy wherever we are.”

Sayd was named the athlete of the month this October because of her performance on the court.

“It feels great to be able to win any award,” Sayd said. “My team and I have worked really hard this season and have been successful because of all of the hard work.”

In speaking about her motivation to play Sayd credits her love for volleyball, her teammates.

“I have fun playing so it’s really easy to work hard because I enjoy what I’m doing.” Sayd said. “It’s easy to put in effort when the rest of the team is putting in the same amount of work as you are.”

Sayd believes that a key component of her success is also the atmosphere in the gym when she’s playing.

“The crowd can also have a big effect on my in-game playing.” Sayd said. “When the stands are hype and really energetic I think I play better, now that were in regionals it’s nice to have people supporting you to win.”