Teachers vs. Harlem Wizards: PTSA holds fundraisers for All Night Grad Celebration

On Oct. 7, the PTSA hosted the Harlem Wizards basketball team to play teachers from all grade levels to raise money for the All Night Grad Celebration which happens at the end of the year.

The event made money through ticket sales, food and merchandise. However, it also created an opportunity for many to give back to their community. Many Marshall basketball players volunteered at the event

Harlem Wizard Robert Young, who goes by Smooth, played high school basketball in New York City and later for Division 2 Bloomfield college in New Jersey. He said as someone who grew up in a “poverty-stricken area,” he values giving back.

“Fundraisers really helped [my community] out,” Young said.

Varsity basketball player and senior Brandon Lee supported the Harlem Wizards throughout the night by volunteering at the event.

“We’re doing this because we’re here to have a good time and come be with friends,”

Freshman Eric Clark, who plans on playing basketball, is always looking for a way to get back to his community. This event was an opportunity for him to display that.

“It’s always good to help people from where you come from and just make a positive impact on the community,” Clark said.

Teachers from across the county representing different schools had the opportunity to play. Chemistry teacher Theresa How played against the Harlem Wizards in front of a crowd containing some of her students.

“Some said ‘hi’. Some greeted me. It was great,” How said.

Community members all came together to raise money for the senior’s All Night Grad Celebration, but they also all gave back to their community and tried to make a difference.



Watch a snip bit of the game below!