Powell Sings True to Marshall’s Choir Department

With the start of the new year, Tiffany Powell switches schools to become the new choir director, coming from another High School.

Choir teacher Tiffany Powell is new to Marshall, but not to choir.

Powell said she taught choir for 17 years at Oakton High School and enjoyed choir when she was in school.

“It was just my kind of outlet, safe space, and my happy space,” Powell said.

So far, Powell said she has enjoyed her time at Marshall.

“I’m really loving it here,” Powell said. “Just the sense of school community and pride is something that is really cool.”

Powell recognizes the established history the choir program has. She pointed out the importance of preserving the unique traditions of the Marshall choir.

“I know, there’s a strong tradition here,” Powell said, “My plan was not to come in and immediately just kind of impart my total own ideas and thoughts”.

However, despite her commitment to tradition, Powell said she has decided to put on the annual major choir show earlier than usual.

“I just really like starting the year with it,” Powell said. “I think it’s a bonding experience for the students.”

Powell said she relates her own experiences to those of her students.

“I’m living vicariously through my students because I lived that at one point,” Powell said.