Tryouts with a Twist: gymnastics team to make cuts this season

Gymnastics had to make cuts for the first time since Alexandra Mostoller has been the head coach at Marshall.   

The coaches only offered 25 spots on the team this season. 

“I think around 10 people got cut,” sophomore Molly Peksens said. 

There was an increase in numbers at tryouts compared to past years, so not everyone was offered a spot on the team. 

“This has been the largest year in terms of turn out for tryouts,” Mostoller said.

Despite some people not making the team, for returning members, tryouts weren’t more stressful than usual.

“Gymnastics tryouts were pretty fun and not overwhelming,” junior Talia Krasner said.

Krasner said she is looking forward to this season and set goals for herself. 

“I’m working on all of the events,” Krasner said, “I want to get my tuck off the vault and twist off the beam.” 

Mostoller has goals for the team this season as well . 

“I am hoping to work with the team to improve our scores on every event,” Mostoller sad. 

From the talent Mostoller has seen already from practice, she has hopes for this season. 

“I am looking forward to a successful season and hopefully winning districts,” Mostoller said.