Annual Blood Drive Draws in Seniors

The annual blood drive on Friday, December 2 aimed to make donation simple and accessible for students and faculty.

Phlebotomists and medical staff from Inova drew blood from participants. Student volunteers like senior Rubi Neupane also helped organize the event through Leadership classes. 

“I wanted to volunteer because I was just interested in seeing the process for donating blood,” Neupane said. “If I want to donate blood in the future, then I want to know what goes on behind the scenes.”

Neupane said she was pleasantly surprised by the number of students who showed up to donate.

“I’m seeing a lot of seniors,” she said. “I think it’s wonderful that so many people are trying to help other people during their last year.”

One student, senior Sarah Madden, said she was donating blood for the first time.

“It’s an easy way to get out of class, and it’s a good cause, too,” Madden said.

Donor Specialist Hannah Duraiswamy, also present at the event, said the blood drive is part of preparation for medical school.

“It’s a way to get some experience [that’s] hands-on and with others,” Duraiswamy said.

Free snacks and shirts were available for participants after donating blood.