Boys basketball trains to exceed high expectations

Last season, boys basketball took a run to the State Quarterfinals while gaining a cult-like following of fans within the school. After the success of last year, the student community continues to have high expectations for the team this year.

Senior and varsity basketball player Cam Jones made the move to Virginia from Arkansas prior to his junior year, but immediately found a home in the boys program.

“I think it was a good season,” Jones said. “I’m not from this area so it was a good experience to get into the culture and learn how things go,” Jones said.

Offseason work is a part of what goes into the team’s success and for the team. This summer has been no exception. The team has prepared themselves for the season by aiming to be successful both athletically and academically.

“Working hard in the weightroom, on the court, in the classroom, all that stuff,” junior and varsity guard Jason Penn said.

Last season, injuries and sickness plagued the beginning of the year. This year, they are looking to start the season strong.

“We’re all going to get back healthy before the season starts and kick it off against Madison,” Jones said.

With a returning core team, the program knows the importance of collaboration and playing together.

“I feel like [winning] is the same as losing as a team. It’s doing it together and using everybody what they’re good for, working as a cohesive unit,” Jones said.

With an early win in the rivalry matchup against Madison the team starts out the season on a positive note.

“I just know we’re gonna have a good season. We’ve got a really good team,” Penn said.