Students and Teachers Address Days Off School

With a new school year comes new changes: more days off from school

These days off consisted of national holidays, religious observance holidays, and teacher workdays.

Sophomore Julia Ortega  said she found the new schedule to be likeable.

“I love having more days off because it gives me the opportunity to catch up in certain classes and spend some time doing things outside of school,” Ortega said.

 However, Senior Seth Oliver believes that this school year’s new schedule, though enjoyable, may also bring future conflictions.

 “I feel like having more days off is nice and everything, but one thing that is going to be bad is the month of March when there are no holidays off,” Oliver said. “That will be brutal.”.

The most common criticism for the new schedule is that it creates inconsistent learning experiences for students.

 “I think it does create a little bit of pressure in terms of making sure that you finish units and give assessments before a long break,” history teacher David Gassmann said. “I’ve noticed some of my students talking about how there’s going to be a lot of tests the week before winter break.” 

Senior Julia Simpson agrees with Gassmann, saying she believes that the frequent breaks have contributed to teaching and learning disruptions for both teachers and students.

 “I like the days off, but when we start to have so many so close to each other, it starts to put so much pressure on the teachers to cover the material quickly as possible,” Simpson said. “I feel like it’s actually less helpful.”