Is the Swap of Advisory for Learn Worth It?

The end of the first semester of the school year is here, which entails teachers working diligently to get in grades, students using these final moments to improve theirs, and Marshall’s admin implementing grade-boosting opportunities like Saturday school, return, and learn.

It seems that both the student body and many teachers are grateful for these school opportunities. 

For students, this means meeting with teachers, finishing work, collaborating with our peers frequently, and saving our grades from drowning. 

However, this sentiment is seldom shared towards Advisory, and this feeling has been voiced to the Marshall administration previously. 

That begs the question as to why the final Learn of the semester—and the final opportunity for teacher-student collaboration outside of class—would be turned into an Advisory. 

Going off the many opinions and reactions on the subject, Advisory is a period rotation that induces frustration, confusion, and even mild contempt. 

The actual benefit of Learn in supporting students academically and mentally is not to be underestimated. The Marshall administration’s decision to switch the last 4th period of the quarter from Learn to Advisory is quite a bold move. 

Is this the final Advisory before the semester end needed? The general consensus of most of the Marshall student body would suggest no. It is not.