Sweaters for the Editors

It’s 7:49 am on a Monday, and you’ve just woken up. Showering before school is not an option, but then you remember: it’s winter. You can throw on a hoodie or sweater and run out the door.

Here lies the beauty and superiority of winter fashion. It’s cozy, cute and, most importantly, convenient.

Cold weather lowers the social expectation to dress up. Winter clothes are thought of as practical, not lazy. Some even consider sweaters as upscale. Think Steve Jobs and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson—both super famous geniuses—yet their infamous black turtlenecks are adored, not frowned upon.

This practicality extends to headwear. Beanies are an indispensable resource for all the greasy hair machines and bedheaders out there. Wearing a cap indoors is sometimes thought of as rude, but beanies don’t fully share that reputation.

Sweaters are vessels for creative expression and an easy outfit option. Unfortunately, warm weather clothes don’t boast the same stats. It’s all cute, no convenience.