“It’s Called Soccer”

Students share their thoughts as they support a myriad of countries in the FIFA World Cup hosted by Qatar

“I was definitely disappointed when they were eliminated; however, I still feel a sense of pride concerning how they played.” – Junior Emma Heren on Germany 

“No comment.” – Sophomore Sara Elliot on Costa Rica’s 7-0 loss to Spain

“I have recently become a fan of fútbol, but my family has always been a fan of it. I think they have been doing great so far, except for that one loss against Saudi Arabia.” – Junior Valentin Galas on Argentina

“Seeing them play in the World Cup along with other West African nations such as Cameroon and Senegal is great to see.” – Junior Zoe Jones on Ghana

“They beat Argentina. Last game, they didn’t win. It was a huge disappointment. But if I was coaching, they would have won.” – Senior Mohammed Alshubaily on Saudi Arabia

“I’ve always loved how Mexico comes together to genuinely love our team. It’s hard not to want to love them too.” – Senior Ally Jimenez on Mexico

“They are doing so good considering the fact that they got placed in the group of death and beat Germany.” – Senior Masato Teraoon Japan

“My dad and are whole family is from Croatia; I also have citizenship there. They weren’t playing their best in their one match so far, but they won the friendly match, so I think they’ll pull it together.” – Senior Sophia Reskusic on Croatia

“I used to live in Qatar. I think it’s really cool that they’re able to host it because it shows a different side of the Middle East, not just what everyone perceives it as. The World Cup is all about the countries, and I think it’s important to have different countries and different cultures host.” – Sophomore Ayah Qutub on Qatar