Piece by Piece: students build the community through puzzle pieces, a LEGO station under way

Scenes of banned books and starry nights fit together every day as students work on the library’s daily puzzles. However, puzzles are no longer the only avenue of entertainment in the library.

Librarian Elizabeth Toledo said the library released a call for LEGO donations, and for the last couple weeks the librarians have received some free-form blocks and kits for students to use.

“If any students want to come and share their ideas, just come in and tell us you’re interested,” she said.

Toledo said relaxing activities have shown to be beneficial for students in the past. In fact, sophomore Isabella Tran said she has enjoyed building puzzles.

“I work on them whenever I’m bored,” Tran said. “The fact that they’re in the library makes it even better because I frequent the library a lot, so I can do the puzzle whenever I want to.”

Senior Jordan Lee agreed.

“Having puzzles in the library gives students a way to do something fun before school starts,” Lee said.

Aside from its recreational nature, junior Zoe Mazur highlighted the therapeutic qualities of puzzling.

“While working on it, I can choose to focus solely on the puzzle and not think about my stressors for a little bit, or I can choose to let my mind wander,” Mazur said.

Mazur works on the puzzle about three times a week and said they loved seeing the progress made in their absence.

“I love the unspoken, anonymous community of puzzle-people,” Mazur said. “It’s like writing messages in the sand.”

Toledo said she hoped the LEGOs will continue to improve the recreational aspects of the library.