Rank&Roundtable: Girl’s Wrestling Sit-Down

Q: What do you think is the most important thing in getting recognition?

Senior Oriana Piazza – If people never realize we’re actually doing it and we’re doing well in it, then we won’t have more interest and won’t do better. People want to join a winning team, fully recognizing the fact that we do well and get no credit for it.

Senior Sophie Mazhari – Last year, I placed third in the state girls tournament. At the winter sports ceremony, all the boys had their names and where they placed in the state. They didn’t include any of the girls state placements, though me and one other girl both placed.

Sophomore Ava Wise – That’s definitely a big way to promote girls wrestling by showing that it actually matters and there are actually girls doing it that are good.

Mazhari – Throughout the years, there have been like a couple more girls tournaments. This year specifically has been a particular big year for women’s wrestling, but we are hopefully being given more tournament opportunities.

Q: Seniors, what are your roles in influencing girls to join the program?

Mazhari – I tell people that it can be scary to start something new and something that you know might be unconventional for some girls. It kind of changed my life in a way where I’ve been able to shine through and show my talents in a different sport. Compared to maybe soccer, this is a sport that is not entirely female dominated. But it is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States, and to be a part of that is pretty cool.

Piazza – From my perspective, I’ve seen a lot more younger kids get involved. When we first joined there [were] three of us. Girls wrestling is getting more cemented into sports every single year. Before there had been gap years where no new girls joined the team, but now I think we’re finally getting to the age where it’s becoming more socially acceptable for girls to wrestle and everything that comes along with it. I think girls tournaments are also gonna become a lot more popular.