Rank&Style: Holiday fashion decks the halls

Freshman Taye Mihrete poses in the hallway, wearing his new yellow Nike Tech Fleece.
Mihrete used Christmas money to buy himself a Tech Fleece from Nike, opting to buy one in yellow. His purchase garnered attention across grade levels.
“It gave me attention,” he said. “Now more people know me.”

Sophomore Sofia Campagnuolo shows off her new flare leggings she got for Christmas.
“I wear them a lot, and I have a lot of different pairs,” she said.
Campagnuolo said she likes the versatility of the leggings.
“I love how they are always a great fit and if you want to be comfy but can’t be in sweatpants they’re a great choice,” she said. “The material is soft and they don’t bunch up as the day goes on and they never slide down.”
Campagnuolo said she wasn’t pleased with some of the other items she received.
“I got some really ugly things,” she said, “but I’ve returned most of them.”

Sophomore Nate Bishop holds his new fishing rod while sporting matching fish slides he received.
His parents gave Bishop the fish slides for Christmas even though he didn’t ask for them.
“[My parents] just thought I would like them,” he said.
After winter break, Bishop said he wore them as a joke in the hallways.
“A lot of people laughed and this one girl thought they were terrible,” he said.

Senior Cayley Sullivan received Ugg boots for Christmas.
“I like that they’re comfortable and they’re good for the winter because they are furry,” Sullivan said.
She said when she receives gifts she dislikes she doesn’t feel obligated to keep them.
“If I don’t like a gift I feel comfortable telling my mom,” she said. “I feel like I have received gifts that I wouldn’t necessarily wear, and I think I’d return it.”