Select students participate in Senior Regional Orchestra

The Senior Regional Orchestra is a full orchestra ensemble in which
membership is determined through auditions in September. The orchestra rehearses for three days before performing one concert in November. Rank&File talked to these students who placed in the top 20 of the Northern Region.

Senior Eujin Lee

“I used to get stressed when playing, but…because I went to Governor’s school in the summer for music, it really did change my perspective about playing music. I think when I first started in first grade, I was just forced by my parents. An eight-year-old kid is not gonna be like ‘I want to play the violin.’ But now I’m like, ‘I actually want to play it.’”

Senior Sophia Lee

“I didn’t make it my first three years of high school, and so that was always like, not an insecurity necessarily, but more like, ‘do I deserve to do well in school and get the chair that I have,” so it was very validating to actually make it.”

Sophomore Zabrina Lee

“Sometimes when my household is too hectic, I’ll play music on the
piano or violin and play music and then I feel way better…I’ve been able to make a lot of friends through music. Music is the main center of my life.”