GSA meets with Litz

From gender neutral bathrooms to respecting pronouns and everything in between, the GSA is fighting for equal rights.

The Gender Sexuality Alliance held two meetings over the last two months with Principal Litz to resolve certain issues, including changing the locks of gender-neutral bathrooms for students.

There are two such facilities in C hall and one in the student services office.

“The lock on the bathroom often auto locks,” GSA president and junior Zoe Mazur said. “So if someone closes it if there’s no one in there, it will lock people out.”

Mazur said the GSA’s last meeting with Litz on Feb. 27 focused heavily on access to the bathrooms.

“I am aware that the county has been investigating the locks on the single gender neutral bathrooms to come up with a lock that is better suited for [their] function,” Litz said at the meeting. “I [have] safety concerns about someone going in that bathroom, locking the door and potentially harming themselves.”

Litz also updated the GSA on potential developments to resolve the issue.

“I know that the county is working on the locks to fix that particular issue,” he said. “Hopefully by next time we meet next month, I’ll be able to give you something a little bit more concrete.”

Mazur said they can appreciate how some faculty work to be accommodating for LGBTQ+ students.

“I also see how much pushback they receive from the county or the school board,” Mazur said. “It definitely gives me confidence that a lot of the faculty is on our side. They’re hearing us, and they’re doing their best, but it’s just complicated.”

Mazur also said that most teachers are respectful of their pronouns.

“For the most part, if I outright say them, they’ll respect it,” Mazur said. “I do know that other people have shared with me that they have had bad experiences with faculty that are not understanding.”

Litz’s collaborations with the GSA have been somewhat helpful, Mazur said, but Mazur is still frustrated — especially when it comes to the gender neutral bathrooms.

“I feel like students shouldn’t have to fight this hard just to have this be something that’s possible,” Mazur said.

They also said there were students who used the bathrooms to hang out or skip class, which they said was harmful to queer students.

“Taking advantage of these important resources feels like they don’t recognize their privilege,” Mazur said. “They’re taking advantage of it while simultaneously making things harder for people who genuinely need access to them.”

The next meeting between the GSA and Litz will happen next month during Learn.