Social studies teacher and self-proclaimed movie-lover Olivia Tate has her own predictions for the illustrious Academy Awards—and she’s encouraging her students to share theirs.

Government and IB Anthropology students in Tate’s classes are likely familiar with her “What’s Making Me Happy This Week” slideshows. She said there’s often at least one movie on the list. With Oscars results approaching on March 12, she decided this year to print prediction sheets for herself and anyone else interested in evaluating the best films of the season.

Tate also said she found the sheet online.

“I’m not in the business of doing hard work sometimes,” she said. “And you can quote me on that one.”

However, Tate has put in the work elsewhere. This year, she said she has seen all of the Best Picture nominees along with several movies in the running for other awards.

“I love watching movies,” she said. “I have my own little friend film club, and that’s been really helpful in watching those movies.”

Tate said she loves “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” but her favorite film this year is “Women Talking.”

“I just think about it all the time,” she said.

In addition to the main event, Tate said she’s anticipating the best Actress in a Leading Role and Animated Short Film awards.

For anyone interested in joining the (friendly) competition of who can guess the most Academy Award recipients correctly, prediction sheets lie waiting in A113.