Litz expresses concerns over student behaviour

Principal Jeffery Litz released an email on Feb. 8 focusing on “a recent uptick” of student misconduct, including students leaving the campus during lunch periods.

The email outlined consequences for these actions.

One student who also noticed this increase was junior Medhi Abbassi

“People are skipping way too much,” Abbassi said. “It’s becoming a habit.”

In the weeks since Litz’s email, several students interviewed by Rank&File said they felt like there has been more security enforcement.

“I have seen more security,” sophomore Walid Bouaichaoui said. “Recently, more people have been getting caught.”

Despite this speculation, assistant principal Donnie Olajuwon said there has not been an increase in security personel.

“Our security staff is the same size it was last year,” Olajuwon said. “We have, however, put into place some new procedures which are meant to keep everyone safe.”

According to Litz’s email, students who are caught breaking the rules can expect punishments varying by grade.

“[Seniors] risk being removed from the senior trip and other end of year senior activities to include participation in the prom,” Litz wrote.

Olajuwon mentioned upperclassmen were making up the majority of students skipping, which Litz’s email addressed.

“Should [juniors] go down this path, I will also remove privileges for [juniors] to include attending prom,” the email said.

Litz’s email also addressed the importance of underclassmen following a morally correct path to succeed in life.

“You need to be in class doing what your teachers and staff ask of you so that you can graduate on time, leave Marshall, and follow your dreams,” the email said. “Make good choices.”

While the email focused on punishments for upperclassmen, Litz said he is trying to set good examples for all grades.

“I simply want the very best for all of you,” Litz wrote.