Meet the (new) Staff 2023-2024

Mr. Kline  – Social Studies Teacher


“I was a lawyer for 15 years,” Kline said. “I was a civil trial attorney, so that means I did lawsuits rather than criminal cases. I did mostly cases where I was presenting to either a judge or jury, and there are a lot of similarities between doing a jury trial [and teaching]: we’re teaching the facts of the case to a jury [like we’re] teaching high school or social studies.”


Ms. Iddings – Government Honors & Standard Teacher

I actually went here, graduated in 2010,” Iddings said. “I didn’t really think I was going to be coming back, but I really liked how IB handled social studies and when I was studying to become a teacher.”

“I think one of my priorities is transparency,” she said. “I think part of letting students know that you respect them is being as open and honest and accountable as you can be towards them.”  


Ms. Guihard – French 1 Teacher

“I heard great things about Marshall,” Guihard said. “They have a great French program because they have IB classes, so that’s something I was very interested in. [I am excited for] seeing how students will progress from learning nothing or barely nothing to being able to have a conversation.”


Ms. Campbell Special Education Teacher

“When I was in high school, I really loved the teachers that I had.” Campbell said. “I love the relationships that allow you to build the students and the challenges that it brings and makes you be creative and think fast on your feet.”


Ms. Camire Biology Teacher

“I worked in FCPS schools from 2003 to 2008. So it always kind of felt like home and I really wanted to rejoin the teaching community,” Camire said. “It was always kind of pulling me back.”



Kristen Stroming – Math Teacher

“I had a fourth grade teacher who showed me how much she loved teaching, so from the age of 10, I’ve always wanted to be a teacher,” Stroming said.” In high school, my calculus teacher showed me how fun math could be, and so I wanted to be a math teacher.”


Jennifer Holder – Biology teacher

“I love science, but I think the thing I love most is when I have a student who struggles with understanding something or doing something. I just keep working with them until they get it and then the light goes off, and there’s nothing better than seeing somebody be proud of themselves for accomplishing something.”


Gitanjali Singh – Math teacher

“I interviewed at six places and Marshall was the first one to get back to me. I loved the people who were interviewing me and the principal,” Singh said. “They made me feel like, ‘We want you.’”


Sean Appleby – Culinary Arts teacher

“It’s been interesting, it’s been fun [working with teens instead of adults]. I’ve always worked with a variety of young people, so I do have experience. But I would say, it’s been a fun change trying to keep that level of showing them this class is not just a classroom, it’s almost like a job. We have to be as professional as possible. So it hasn’t been much different.”


Tanya Ratner – Orchestra teacher

“From the time I was really little, I either wanted to be a surgeon or musician. I knew I was going to be one of the two and I went forward with the music plan until I was halfway through university, and I swapped to medicine, and then I swapped back again.”


Hannah Schilling – Biology Teacher

“I just wanted to be a good adult. Being a teacher means that you are consistently around and a consistent presence, and I think students need good adults to be consistently present.”


Rebecca Fenton – Automotive instructor

“I think there needs to be more women in this field because it’s getting to be a very detail oriented. A lot of electronics need to be diagnosed and women have those skills. I’d love to see more girls in this class.” 


Annie Phan – English teacher

“I decided to work at Marshall mainly because I was really interested in the IB program. It’s very different from the way that I went to school, high school for me was mainly like the AP testing and classes.”


Greg Luongo – Academy Administrator

“The [Marshall]  Academy has always been kind of a dream job. I’m just excited to do that here and work with kids that are doing what they really want to do.”