English classes put on a play

The three IB English SL classes held a live retelling of the German play The Visit.

The play was made up of many students who had zero experience in theater, making for a unique classroom experience.

“I was nervous at the start and a bit skeptical because I’ve never acted before in front of a big crowd, but after a few classes, my nerves weren’t that bad,” said senior Aiden Mcarthy.

Students spent several weeks on this project reading the play, practicing their lines, and rehearsing for the final product. 

“[There was] definitely not enough time since most of these people had never acted before,” said senior Natasha Dormont. “It would have been nice to have even one more week, but nevertheless I think we did really well especially in the time we had.”

While there was no requirement for prior experience in theater for the play, several students, like senior Zoe Mazur, had experience in the theater department before going onstage. 

“Being in theater definitely helped me a lot with this, but honestly, it’s not really that necessary.” Mazur said. “All that’s really necessary to put on a play like this is the right attitude.”

Mazur added that they believe the most important skill in acting is having the ability to try something new and put in you all.

“Honestly, I think it was really fun,” Mazur said. “We were all a little bit hesitant about it at first, and didn’t seem like it would have any payoff. But as it developed, we started having a lot of fun with it.”