Embracing and Celebrating Hispanic Culture: Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is a worldwide celebration that embraces hispanic culture. 

“The most important thing is that we are all connected,” Spanish teacher Norma Banks said. “To me, connections are important because we are all part of a big community.” 

Spanish teacher Silvia Montes said that there are always similarities to be found between different cultures.

I find that in my IB classes, many times when we are talking about different traditions, a lot of kids can identify and say they do something similar in their culture,” Montes said.

Though the Hispanic community is united through its culture, each person has their own memories of embracing Hispanic culture. 

“[My favorite memory] would have to be the Three Kings Day,” Spanish teacher Silvia Montes said, “It’s a day where you get extra presents after Christmas.”

Montes said that not only should Hispanic culture be acknowledged in Spanish-speaking countries, but also in the United States. 

“[U.S. citizens] should embrace it because of how rich it is in the US,” Montes said.

With the newfound diversity in the U.S, Hispanic Heritage month has become a relevant part of U.S. citizens’ lives.

“We live in a very diverse environment right now, and I think it’s important to value and acknowledge the many customs that we have,” Banks said.

Banks believes that the US is held together with the strength of diversity and culture.

“Even though we all have different cultures, we can still unite as a community together and be connected with one another,” Banks said.