The Talk about “Baby Talk”

What started as a joke has turned into a reality for seniors Kenny Gomez, Sophia Rader and German Urias Colindres

Since September of 2023, the seniors have worked together as a band under the name “Baby Talk” with Gomez and Radar playing lead guitar and performing vocals and Urias Colindres on drums. 

“We generally tend to play music that ranges from grunge or punk songs, but this year we plan on playing some other genres and more slower songs,” Gomez said.

Looking towards the future, Baby Talk says that they intend to play in every Learn concert this year.

“We’ve played in over eight concerts now, and we plan to play every concert this year,” Gomez said.

Talks of the band began as a joke during Gomez’s math class

“I jokingly told [my friend] that I would play Feliz Navidad at the Christmas concert, and he said that he would be down to do it. After that conversation, everything just sort of seemed to happen naturally,” Gomez said.

As a unique band, Baby Talk has an equally unique set of influences.

“I also took a lot of inspiration from Nirvana, Foo Fighters, and Green Day at the time,” Gomez said.

As changing times and shifting schedules make the future of the Learn Concert Committee uncertain, Gomez gives his thoughts on the future of the club.

“I think the Learn concert committee’s current state will be fine for now, but we are in need of more sophomore and freshman bands because right now we mostly have senior and potentially a junior band,” Gomez said.

Baby Talk is only just beginning, but they already have big plans for the future.

“After highschool, [we will be] looking for a new bassist,” Gomez said. “But when we do, we’ll probably start professionally recording a lot of music, and hopefully be able to make it in the music industry.”