Is the Girls Volleyball Team Underrepresented?: Teammate responds

A cause of concern for this year’s girls volleyball team is the team’s lack of representation compared to the boys basketball and football team.

Sophomore Erin Fuchs shares her opinions and experiences as a varsity volleyball player for Marshall.

“I would say for tryouts, we have about 150 girls try out every year, and only about 40 are taken, so that’s a lot more competitive and selective than the football team because they have no cuts,” Fuchs said.

In addition to the large turnout of athletes, Fuchs said the amount of publicity the team receives is considerably less to other teams..

“The whole locker room hallway is filled with basketball posters, and there are no volleyball posters even though we share that hallway,” Fuchs said.

Fuchs said she also believes student-run social media accounts also fail to provide an equal amount of enthusiasm or representation as football and basketball. 

“On our public Marshall [social media] accounts, football has the top priority, probably because they get the most audience, but it would be nice to see a few more posts for the amount of wins that volleyball has,” Fuchs said.

The volleyball team has a higher state ranking than basketball and football. The boys basketball team is ranked #30 (as of last the 2022-23 season) and football is ranked #180. Volleyball is #26, far surpassing both sports by a great margin. 

The team is ranked #4 in the district, and Fuchs said she would like to see recognition for the team’s accomplishments.

“We’re on a 5 or 6 winning streak and it would be nice to see acknowledgement for that because if that happened for the football team we would definitely be hearing about it,” Fuchs said.