Minion Mayhem: Teachers dress up as minions for Halloween

On Halloween, the Leadership class organized for the teachers to dress up as minions and to have Principal Litz dress up as Gru.

“An email was sent out to Mr. Litz and that was then forwarded to all the teachers who wanted to volunteer to do it,” freshman Katie Kuczkowski said.

Many teachers participated in the spirit day with teachers showing a varying level of dedication.

“I saw a lot of teachers doing it,” Kuczkowski said. “A lot of them were just wearing a yellow shirt, but some teachers went all out.”

IB Biology 1 and Human Anatomy and Physiology teacher Angie Rizzo said that Mrs. Moskowitz announced the costumes to the staff.

“We just sort of jumped on board,” Rizzo said. “We originally had a plan as a science department to do Waldo but that kind of fell through because of the lack of shirts.”

Rizzo also said that she thought the Halloween costume event was great for teachers and staff.

“It’s unifying for us to come together and do something together like that,” Rizzo said.

As all teachers that participated in the minions costumes took a picture together at the end of the day, Rizzo said she enjoyed it and the reactions she received holistically.

“What I thought was really neat was students commenting on ‘Mrs. Rizzo, you dressed up as a minion,’ so that was good,” Rizzo said.