Opinion: The Positive Effect of Science Research Advisory on Well Being of Students

The Science Research Advisory class is new to Marshall this year and already a great success. The class was offered to higher level IB science students as a helping hand through the science fair process.

The class was originally proposed as a half-semester class for junior IB diploma candidates who would have a free period until taking the Theory of Knowledge class in the second. However, due to conflicts in many students’ schedules, the class was redesigned as an Advisory alternative. 

The advisory provides students with a more purposeful use of their time, particularly benefiting students who take advantage of the time they are given. 

The Science Research Advisory is beneficial in aiding students with the time management skills they need to complete each step of the science fair. While this new Advisory still participates in the mandatory lessons, it is much more flexible to the student’s needs. 

The class generates helpful group discussions that promote critical thinking instead of dull and repetitive conversations centered around ice-breakers. The Research Advisory also helps provoke new ideas that can be used in students’ science fair projects.

The concept of this advisory alternative is applicable to not only science, but having this option for other core subjects would go a long way supporting the well being of IB students in our school and to the success of everyone in our community.