Running at the Next Level

Darrell General, the Cross Country and Distance Track & Field coach, recently changed jobs from school custodian to a Constructional Assistant, working in the ISS room. General’s new job will allow him to stay off his feet and stay connected with Marshall students, offering help to those in need.

General decided to make this switch for a variety of reasons, hoping to get closer to the kids and help those who are struggling.

“[I wanted to] come into the ISS room to be closer to the kids that need extra support”

While maintaining his duties as a coach, General’s switch will cause several changes for him as a staff member.

Besides not cleaning anymore, General said he gets to communicate with students in his new role.

Since General’s new job allows him to take his summers off, he has a lot of free time to spend. He said this will allow him to be able to give extra coaching to the Cross Country and track kids and do personal coaching on the side.