Bingo Brings in Bucks

Families and friends came together in the cafeteria to support the senior class—and play some Bingo along the way.

On Friday, Feb. 9, the class of 2024 held a bingo night to raise money for the senior class’s events later on in the year. 

Bingo night co-organizer and parent volunteer for the Senior Class of 2024 Karen Lomax said she thought bingo night would be a fun event to bring people out in the community in a different way than past fundraisers.

“We’re hoping that the kids would think this was a fun activity, but I think we’d love to have feedback on how to reach the kids more, so if you students have ideas on that, we’re always open to that,” she said.

Senior Neil Anis said he came to the event because it was planned by family friends and it was a way to participate in school events. 

“[My favorite part is] probably the anticipation of winning but also just being with my friends and seeing them win as well,” Anis said. 

Marshall Alumni Phillip Champagne said he heard about the event from his friends on the Special Olympics team. 

“I was really excited to go do it and see my friends,” Champagne said. “I feel happy to be here.” 

While Lomax said she is happy with the turnout for the first time running the fundraiser, she acknowledges the timing of the event might not have been ideal for every student.

“[Some administrators] were suggesting maybe we try to do it for spring,” Lomax said. “I think if we get good feedback, then yes, we definitely want to try to do it again.”