Founded in 1962, the Rank & File newspaper is a public forum for students of George C. Marshall High School. The content of the publication is selected, produced, and edited entirely by student leaders, who are responsible for all editorial and business decisions. Guidance and support is provided by a faculty adviser; however, the publication is not subject to prior restraint or review. Student journalists operate in accordance with the GCM Student Media Editorial Policy, and are expected to follow the guidelines outlined in the Reporters’ Rights and Responsibilities.

The unsigned staff editorials reflect the opinions of the Editorial Board, which consists of the managing editor and the editor-in-chief. Columns are the opinions of their writers and do not necessarily reflect the point of view of the newspaper as a whole. The opinions and viewpoints expressed in the newspaper do not necessarily represent the views of the faculty adviser or the Marshall administration.

Rank & File makes a Fair-Use claim when printing photographs and illustrations not produced by staff members.

Letters to the editor are welcome and should be sent to or hand-delivered to Room D211. Letters should be signed for author verification, and names will only be withheld under special circumstances, pending the approval of the editors. Rank & File does not accept letters that are libelous, obscene or disruptive to the learning process. Rank & File reserves the right to edit any letter for length or style and/or to eliminate inappropriate statements.

Businesses and organizations that wish to advertise in Rank & File can find out more information here.

Rank & File is designed on 30 Dell laptops running Adobe Creative Cloud. It is printed by School Paper Express, with a circulation of 1,000 copies. Subscriptions are available for $25 per school year (donation/sponsorship opportunities are also available via our patron program). For any questions, comments or concerns, call (703) 714-5511 or send an e-mail to