The varsity cheer team has persevered through many roadblocks this season. The team placed first in the Liberty District semi-finals, a stark improvement from the beginning of the season. “Our first competition was a little rough because we came in fifth,” varsity cheerleader and sophomore Calla Spignardo said. The teamContinue Reading

Aiming to unite clubs, the Club Council takes its first steps into Marshall. Co-founders and juniors Josephine Blanton and Manahil Jawaid aim to encourage communication and collaboration among clubs. The Council’s sponsor is Health and P.E. 9 teacher and clubs and activities assistant director Laura Campbell. “The issue is thatContinue Reading

School spirit, sports and senior leaders—it’s a new year, and the Mob is ready to start. The “Marshall Mob” refers to the student section at football, basketball and other sports. Each year two seniors are chosen to lead them. This year, the title belongs to Carolyne Chase and Ben Jones.Continue Reading

There have been two school-wide walkouts this year, and while both have been in support of incredibly important issues, they have also been frustrating. During the Reproductive Freedom Walkout on May 9, students in the crowd were laughing and joking with friends. For those who were personally invested in theContinue Reading

When the clock struck 2:40 on Monday, May 9, over 300 students got up and walked out of the school. The students attended the Reproductive Freedom Walkout organized by Generation Ratify, a student-led movement for gender equality. Forty five Virginia schools, including Marshall, participated in the walkout. “We [were] leadingContinue Reading

From its Native American roots to the modern day, lacrosse has made numerous changes to its rules over time. Unlike Virginia high school sports, lacrosse makes annual edits to its rulebook. “When I played in high school, there was technically no out of bounds,” varsity girls lacrosse head coach ValerieContinue Reading

Counselor Douglas Sawitsky established the Peer Tutoring Program for students to have a place to receive extra help in their classes. It is held on late bus days, Mondays and Thursdays, from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. in the cafeteria. Sawitzky came up with the idea around the semester mark andContinue Reading