As Kelli Pierson’s six-year run as choir director comes to an end, James Madison University student Anna Valentino will take over for the remainder of the year as a long-term sub. Valentino enters the choir program coming from a situation mirroring that of Pierson when she first arrived. “It wasContinue Reading

The choice of whether to unmask or remain masked has become a major decision for students and staff alike since new regulations went into effect on March 1. Virginia’s SB 739 allows parents to elect for their child not to wear a mask at school without submitting a formal reason.Continue Reading

Cody Schell, honors and IB biology teacher, grew up in New York with a creek behind his house that he visited frequently. At age 10, he began finding garter snakes and other species there. This is where his interest for snakes and other wildlife blossomed. “[Snakes] are obviously really uniqueContinue Reading

Growing up in Panama, junior Leo Perez chose his path at an early age. Alongside becoming a golfer at age seven, Perez added guitar to his list of talents. “I lived in Panama for around seven years.” Perez said. “I was born in Venezuela, and we moved [to Panama] whenContinue Reading