A view from a car window. A bridge at sunrise. A ballerina dancing on a road in the woods.

So opens senior Madeleine Fleshman’s short film, “A Screaming Cry in a Silent Room,” which won first place in Video Fairfax’s annual film festival in the high school age category.

“I really enjoy writing but I haven’t taken the time to continue it recently,” Fleshman said, “so this was my chance to combine film with something that functioned more like a short story.”

Fleshman originally created this film to serve as both her final exam and IB exam in her IB Film Study HL II class.
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In response to the multitude of ideas posed by freshmen, biology teachers created the Arabidopsis Fair, a science expo exclusively for Honors Biology students.

According to Biology and Environmental Systems teacher Barbara Brown, freshmen “just didn’t have the preparation” to participate in science fair, so the faculty decided to use the Arabidopsis Fair “so that it would be easier for us to help the kids.”

Every year Honors Biology freshmen cultivate mutant and wild type variations of Arabidopsis under different stressors.
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“At first I thought I was in trouble,” recalled senior Brandy Allen when she received a note to the counselor’s office during class, telling her to stop by during Learn.

Upon Allen’s apprehensive arrival, career center specialist Gardner Humphreys congratulated Allen on being one of the 11 students in Fairfax County to be awarded the Student Peace Award.

“I didn’t even know what it was, initially,” Allen said.

First awarded in 2006, the Student Peace Award is awarded to students who demonstrate a commitment to peace by resolving conflicts of either local or global importance.

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Smiling, senior Austin Hoskins held up a caricature of himself and junior Danny Glass next to his face.

“Guess who’s who?” he said.

Hoskins acquired the caricature from IB Art student Rachel Frankel, junior, who was partipating in the second annual Creative Arts Festival held on March 9.

The festival welcomed all attendees to enjoy live music and events presented by the National Art Honor Society, Art Club, Photo Club and ACE Mentoring.

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According to a 2008 survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau called “Reasons For Not Voting, By Selected Characteristics,” 21 percent of people from ages 18 to 24 cited “Too busy, conflicting schedule” as a reason for not voting, followed closely by “Out of town” and “Not Interested.”

However, contrary to those statistics, there are seniors who will be voting.

In the week of Feb. 6, Virginia voter registrars came during IB Topics classes to help eligible seniors become registered voters.
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This Friday will be the second to last day of Freshmen Friday, an event headed by the Class of 2015.

Twenty-five songs ranging from Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em’s “Kiss Me Thru the Phone” to Sara Bareilles’ “Love Song” will be available for selection on Freshmen Friday for 50 cents.

Any student can pay to play one of these songs or pay for a shout-out. Money raised from Freshmen Friday will go towards funding for the Class of 2015.

“We made it February-themed—happy—not just love-themed,” SGA executive board member Erica Sherr, freshman said.

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