Junior Mattaniah Wilson said she does not feel comfortable doing her work if she is forced to have her camera on during class. Wilson said it is awkward to use cameras when students are not collaborating and teachers are lecturing, and she feels more comfortable working and listening to teachersContinue Reading

Senior Anthony Miroff’s first ballot will not be cast at a typical voting booth. This year, along with many other voters, Miroff will be mailing in his vote for this presidential race. “It’s both more convenient for me and can help in-person voting remain safe and quick for those whoContinue Reading

There is so much more a student can do during the pandemic than promote social distancing on their Instagram stories. However, some students’ volunteer efforts are interrupted due to fear of Coronavirus infection. Upon surveying 21 students, 19 said they have not volunteered during quarantine. Though some people may avoidContinue Reading

It is despicable to value corporations over lives, yet this ideology is ingrained into American society. There has been an uproar on social media recently, not only about the unjust murder of George Floyd, but also the riots that resulted. The biggest controversy is over the destruction of property; peopleContinue Reading

I started painting graffiti when I was a little kid mostly because it was a bit of fun and involved a lot of running and hiding like any other children’s game. It sort of started out as just painting quotes or offensive phrases and then as I got older I got a lot more creative and sort of branched out my painting spots.

For awhile I liked to find places where no one went because it gave me more time to paint and look over my stuff. Now I think I spend about 90% of my time thinking up ideas or matching colors – though I usually only get to paint about 2% of what I want to.

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