Unknown to most, the field team practices twice a day; weightlifting before school and field practice in the afternoon. “There are no off days,” sophomore and varsity field athlete Annaliese Wan said. “We do morning and afternoon practices and being able to wake up and get to those on time.”Continue Reading

Going to community college is often unnecessarily looked down upon by the student community. As college applications approach deadline, more often than not, students want to leave this area purely because they dislike northern Virginia. This area may not be what everyone is searching for, but it is a shameContinue Reading

During the week of Feb 6 to 10, student services celebrated National School Counselor Week. To celebrate, the PTSA, administrative assistants and students at the Davis Center fed the counselors meals to express their graditude. “Our PTSA takes such good care of us,” counselor Miriam Filvarof said. “They are soContinue Reading

Tucked away in an small office, registrar Suzanna Pangilinan is hard at work talking to parents of new students, approving bus passes, organizing student records and preparing graduation. The role of a school registrar is to maintain student records. Student records include attendance, schedule, immunization records, grades and transfer information.Continue Reading

One distinct memory of freshmen orientation was sitting in the auditorium as an eighth grader and hearing the words “IB diploma” and “IB classes” over and over again. Even as a senior, I still hear these phrases all the time. I was never on board to take part in theContinue Reading

Over the summer, Nintendo teamed up with software development company Niantic to produce Pokémon GO, an app that allows a user to capture fictional Pokémon in “real life” utilizing GPS and augmented reality. According to a study done by Bloomberg L.P., Pokémon GO lost 15 million players in the monthContinue Reading

The Fairfax County School board voted to include sexual orientation and later gender identity to its nondiscrimination guide within the Students Rights & Responsibilities handbook about a year and a half ago. That means up until the start of last school year it wasn’t against FCPS policy to openly discriminateContinue Reading

My love for the red-glasses-bearing comic book characters Daredevil and Cyclops led me to make a very interesting purchase. I ended up buying a pair of red chromotherapy (also known as color therapy) glasses. What is color therapy? According to a 2005 study on color therapy done by the NationalContinue Reading

Children’s television has always had Easter egg jokes geared toward adults, ranging from celebrity references to thinly veiled sex jokes. Nowadays, a common practice in animated children shows across networks like Disney and Cartoon Network is hiding a deeper theme within their plot. A major follower of this trend isContinue Reading