Fashion looks different for people. From a hobby one can explore to the jeans, t-shirts or sweatshirts that someone likes, there are many forms it takes. The divide between the “art” of fashion and the practicality of it is nuanced; to our warped standards of beauty, what is useful forContinue Reading

The United States Department of Education awarded FCPS a grant of $13.5 million to support school mental health services, according to Superintendent Reid at a school board meeting this February. The grant came as a part of the federal government’s School-Based Mental Health Services Grant Program that FCPS applied forContinue Reading

Here’s what you need to know: Students have often criticized class grading policy, but it seems some administrators are listening. In 2022, the local High School Principals Association, led by Principal Jeffrey Litz, oversaw the most recent changes to Fairfax County’s grade policy to focus more on content mastery thanContinue Reading

From gender neutral bathrooms to respecting pronouns and everything in between, the GSA is fighting for equal rights. The Gender Sexuality Alliance held two meetings over the last two months with Principal Litz to resolve certain issues, including changing the locks of gender-neutral bathrooms for students. There are two suchContinue Reading

Virgil Dongre: Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy was elected to the position on Jan. 7, 2023. To get there, he had to make “lots of concessions” to far-right members of the party which “worked relentlessly to weaken the power he’ll have as speaker,” according to NPR. This seems likeContinue Reading

Before this poem starts, I shall clarify and say, Even I will be stirring on Valentine’s Day. So stranger, fret little; I don’t hate romance— I hate it when students give dating a chance. I see them in the halls, their hands tied in a knot, A new couple, aContinue Reading

In Nov. 2022, after two rejected drafts, VDOE was asked by the Virginia Board of Education to create a third draft of the K-12 Social Studies Standards. Released in Jan. 2023, these standards aimed to include elements of the prior two drafted standards. The head of the History Department andContinue Reading

On Tuesday, Oct. 18, our Director of Student Services entered her office to see it covered in pink balloons, streamers and chocolates to advocate for breast cancer awareness. Math teachers Helen Snyder, Nevine Spicer and Abeer El-Baz decorated the office in secret with help from principal Jeffrey Litz. “I talkedContinue Reading

On Sept. 16, Governor Glenn Youngkin’s administration released a set of model policies impacting the treatment of transgender students in schools. The change was met with mixed feedback. The “2022 Model Policies on the Privacy, Dignity, and Respect for all Students and Parents in Virginia’s Public Schools” include requiring parentalContinue Reading