Silence. As I sit and wait in my breakout room there is nothing to be heard as we all wait for one person to gather up the courage to say the first “hello”. After that, microphones and cameras remain turned off until we return back to the main group. ThisContinue Reading

For the past few months, stories of the coronavirus have flooded the news, and representatives have urged the public to stay home and take precaution. But, everything changed after thousands of people began leaving their houses to fight for equality through protests.  While two major issues are clashing with eachContinue Reading

Over the last few years, new research indicates that the art of multitasking is nearly impossible, and focusing on more than one assignment at once jeopardizes the value of each. But, when a student has around three major grade-determining assignments due on the same day, the challenging skill of multitaskingContinue Reading

First came confusion, then shock and finally excitement as two friends reunited in their math class after being 7,000 miles apart. One could consider the the odds of the reunion of juniors Aysha Berry and Shirin Iqbal one in a million, as both knew each other in Abu Dhabi priorContinue Reading

Most clubs and organizations use social media platforms to inform members of special dates and meetings. While school-run accounts cannot curse on social media, there are no rules preventing groups or clubs representing Marshall from posting inappropriate content. The school board has created a few regulations in order to keepContinue Reading

This year, Virginia Tech faces an overpopulation issue after they admitted more rising freshmen than they anticipated. The large student body caused the school to drop its first year on-campus residency requirement. Career Center Specialist Gardner Humphreys said the problem will not have a major effect on the number ofContinue Reading

Marshall placed sixth in Virginia and 251st nationally on a U.S. News best high schools ranking based on exams and college readiness earlier this month. Data reveals Marshall has a 95 percent graduation rate and a 16 to 1 student-teacher ratio. Sophomore Isabel Church said Marshall should continue to improveContinue Reading