To help relieve the pressure of upcoming examinations, the administration has extended the tradition of last year’s Stress-Free Day by creating a Wellness Week.

The event, which is organized by Student Services, consists of stress-free activities that all students can participate in during Learn and all three lunches.

“There are a lot of things that can stress out a student. We want them to know that we’re here to support them,” school counselor Gina Fajardo said.

Wellness Week began on Monday and will continue through Friday.

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by francesco basti Disney’s Oz: the Great and Powerful did not live up to its classic predecessor, but it was still a very fun movie to watch. The movie unveils the tale of Oz, a young Kansas carnival magician (played by James Franco) who finds himself in the wonderful landContinue Reading

Approaching Pho Sate, you’d never know the value within. The restaurant is hidden under an overhang in a dull strip mall on the corner of Graham Road and Route 50.

However, the inside of the restaurant is vibrant, both as a result of the kiwi-green walls and the downright delicious soup.

The line was running out the door when we got there, with tables full of Northern Virginians enjoying lunch. Why is this place so popular?

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The Young Democrats and Young Republicans of Marshall will hold a presidential debate on June 1 in Michael Hall.

The Young Democrats and Republicans have been preparing for this debate with dedication and focus.

“We are going to be comparing the Republican Platform to the Democratic platform on the issues that matter most, like women’s rights and such,” founder of the Young Democrats Andrew Crider, junior, said.

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The most memorable thing about Lockout were the nachos I had at the theater.

What I expected from the movie was an action-packed experience and a ridiculous story line, but Lockout was an absolute failure. The story line was completely stolen from Escape from New York, a far superior movie. Even the main character’s name from Lockout, Snow, sounds just like the Escape from New York character’s name, Snake.

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Virginia legislators are on the verge of passing a bill that would change the way schools deal with serious student offenses. Principals in FCPS and throughout the state are not required to call the parents of a student who is in a situation where he or she could be suspended or expelled.

“Parents need to know when our children are in serious trouble, and I believe that this bill eventually will bring state law closer to that critical goal,” Virginia Senator Chap Petersen said in a statement.

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Gotham City Impostors is a very interesting change of pace after Batman: Arkham City and it will satisfy most everyday gamers. First of all, it is an online first person shooter, with a maximum of 6v6 players online match, which was previously unseen for any batman game. Also, with its cartoony graphics and colorful character design the game takes a different spin on the Batman franchise.The game has a basic plot behind it: a group of Batman and Joker impersonators (Bats and Jokerz) fight each other over the control of Gotham City.

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