Rank&File followed up with past senior superlative winners to see what they are up to and if their old titles still hold true today. never on time “I won ‘never on time’ in high school because I was never on time. I was always around 10 minutes late to theContinue Reading

FCPS School Board member and former Marshall school president Ryan McElveen turned his high school activism ambitions into the road map for his political journey. At 33, McElveen has entered a new phase of his career this January with the launch of his campaign for Fairfax County Chairman, running againstContinue Reading

High school graduation is a celebration of 13 years of personal and academic development, and as such, it boasts hundreds of beloved traditions like walking across a stage to receive one’s diploma and adorning oneself with cords and stoles to represent various honors, achievements or awards. Our school, however, refusesContinue Reading

When I used to think of my ideal college interview I hoped for a laid back conversation with a young, relatable interviewer who moves away from discussing numbers and accomplishments and gets to know the “real” me. What I have learned from the last eleven college interviews I have doneContinue Reading

Letter from the Editor Gwyneth Murphy – Editor-in-Chief In our November issue, we published an article entitled “Criminal Justice increases prop security following graphic video.” Rank&File articles go through an extensive editing process, and this story was no different. We felt justified in its publication because we conducted research fromContinue Reading

I started being catcalled when I was in my early teens. Maybe 15 to 16 years old. I was able to ignore it pretty well until this year, when it started happening almost every time I went on a run. During the summer, the cross country team runs long runsContinue Reading