While graduation robes have traditionally been blue for female students and red for male students, the robes graduating seniors will wear for the ceremony at the Daughters of the American Revolution Constitution Hall on June 21 will be columbia blue with two red stripes and red ribbon cuffs. “The purposeContinue Reading

Popular disappointment with white actors replacing people of color in fictional roles, a process critics have dubbed whitewashing, has led to movements mainly through social media. These include hashtags such as #OscarsSoWhite and #StarringJohnCho, an artistic endeavor to replace white leading actors with Asian-American actor John Cho on various movieContinue Reading

Minecraft Club’s co-presidents, senior Garrett Brothers and junior Hahnuel Shin, led an interest meeting on March 11 in C106 and since then have held informative meetings as part of the club’s informal structure. The co-presidents came up with the club as a place for Minecraft enthusiasts to play alongside theirContinue Reading

On the weekend of March 5, junior and varsity wrestler Lea Gobec placed first in her division at the USA Judo Scholastic National Championships in Irving, Texas. Gobec moved from Croatia in August of last year, and has been practicing Judo for 11 years. Gobec won two matches through ippon,Continue Reading

It’s difficult to argue that summer vacation isn’t a great time. After a grueling school year and its dizzyingly cathartic end, a long break seems almost vital for us all to keep forging on. However, summer vacation is an exercise in excess. German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus presented the forgetting curveContinue Reading

Followers of the hit franchise reflect on the movie I think they did a really good job. Star Wars had such a huge impact when it first came out because no one had really seen anything like it before, so it’s hard to follow that act. I liked the referencesContinue Reading