Unlike the vague and broad horoscopes you find in the back of a “Cosmopolitan” or a “Seventeen” magazine, the Co-Star app gives you a hyper-personalized introduction to astrology, using a complete picture of the sky as well as when and where you were born. Horoscopes use the alignment of starsContinue Reading

With a senior year coming to a close, a new chapter of the Class of 2019’s life begins. With this in mind, Rank&File has compiled a list of colleges graduating seniors will be attending in the fall. American University Brandon Huling American University of Paris Katie Rines Arizona State University BreannaContinue Reading

The library released a compilation of data from the second quarter. The librarians collect data from the computer sign-in at the library entrance and they use the data to improve the function and effectiveness of the library. “The data does help us with budgeting and prioritizing how we spend ourContinue Reading

SoulCycle is not just a spin class, but a stress-free, high energy experience that prompts customers to consistently return. SoulCycle is a fitness company that offers stationary cycling workout classes. The Manhattan-based fitness phenomenon first opened its doors in 2006, and now has multiple studios across North America. “The objectiveContinue Reading