At the 2008 Emmy awards, Tina Fey introduces the glowing and then-pregnant Poehler with “when are you due?” Poehler jokingly responds: “How dare you, I’ve gained weight for a role.” Five years later, the punch line is still hard-hitting. Actors continue to gain and lose tremendous amounts of weight inContinue Reading

The annual IB Art Show, which started on April 22 and concluded on April 26, featured the portfolios of IB art students over the course of the two years they took the IB art class.

IB Visual Arts teacher Nicole Walter organized the art show and guided the students through the process.

The art show doubled as an IB exam. Despite the fact that the projects are being graded on a rubric, students were still encouraged to incorporate creativity and personal touches.

“One of the scoring criteria for IB Visual Arts is that the students create personally relevant work,” said Walter.

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The band’s annual spring Pyramid Concert will be taking place on Tuesday, April 30, at 6:00 p.m. in the auditorium. The event is free to attend.

Jazz band will perform four numbers, along with Kilmer Middle School’s symphonic band, and Marshall-Madison elementary school-area bands, according to music teacher and band director Paul Vesilind.

These schools form the Marshall Pyramid in Fairfax County.

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Amazon’s Kindle has evolved from being exclusively a reading device, to being a full blown tablet.

The newest additions include a 9-inch screen with high-resolution graphics, an HD camera and a plethora of new apps, including classics like Angry Birds, HBO and Netflix.

All of these qualities raise the question: Do the new, state-of-the-art features distract from the original purpose of the Kindle?

The original basis of the Kindle was to make books more accessible; a contemporary take on reading, per se.

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Most people have either heard of or played popular sports like soccer as an extracurricular activity or a favorite pastime, but how about indoor soccer? Yoga? Zumba? Frisbee?

Less typical sports are often overlooked. As a result, unconventional sports are less schedule intensive, and less exclusive.

Students who do not necessarily have time in their schedules find unconventional sports a less time-consuming alternative.

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