For the first time in almost a year, senior Zamir Ticknor will walk through the doors of Marshall, ready to start in-person learning.  Ticknor said that while he enjoyed the freedoms of online school, he is ready to get back to in-person learning.  “What makes me most excited is theContinue Reading

The school year usually brings months of all work and no play, but for freshman Kate Butterworth, online school allowed for a more idyllic start to her first year at Marshall.  Butterworth said she traveled to Myrtle Beach in early September with a friend’s family. But, because the school yearContinue Reading

For senior Sriya Thammisetti, the end of the first quarter brought even more stress as the early deadlines for college application approached.  The traditional Nov. 1 due date for early decision and early action applicants coincided almost perfectly with the last day of the first quarter on Oct. 30, causingContinue Reading