On a night filled with tension and emotions, the Fairfax County School Board convened their first public meeting since the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Member-at-Large Ryan McElveen introduced a resolution calling for legislative bodies at the state and federal level to introduce legislative reforms to combat gun violenceContinue Reading

The movement of the New Journalist was perhaps the defining socio-political movement of the cultural reformation that swept the United States through the 1960’s and beyond. Hunter S. Thompson, the godfather of Gonzo-ism, described the death of Objective Journalism and its relation to President Nixon as the need to “getContinue Reading

There is a new addition to the staff of the library, but this one can not help you check out a book, answer questions or even talk. The librarians instituted this in an effort to promote a stress-free environment. “Pinguini” is seven feet tall and lives in the front portionContinue Reading

In one of the enduring moments in the legal battle for student’s rights, Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas delivered the line “it can hardly be argued that students […] shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate.” His majority opinion in the case TinkerContinue Reading

Exam week is typically comprised of hyper-stressful studying, frantic cramming before exams and attempting to recall information not covered since September. It seems unreasonable that, on top of all this, teachers should continue to introduce new material throughout the exam portion of the year. Some, recognizing the importance of finalContinue Reading

The theater department treated audience members to their final performance of “Cry Baby”, an irreverent musical centered around a story of forbidden love, earlier today. Seniors Sam Bock and Amelia Lindsey led the cast in their respective roles of “Cry Baby” Walker and Allison and received praise from the audience for their performances. “I was muchContinue Reading

This past week, the community participated in an international exchange program with Nørre Gymnasium, an upper-secondary IB world school located just outside of Copenhagen, Denmark. By immersing students in the cultures of both the U.S. and Denmark, they witness a wide range of cultural differences with regard to the everydayContinue Reading

The New England Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons, 34-28, in Super Bowl 51. “It was definitely the best [Super Bowl], out of the last seven or eight I’ve watched,” junior Oliver Church said. Other students preferred the advertisements to the game. “I watched it with a bunch of friends, andContinue Reading

How do mistakes happen? “Because Fairfax County encompasses approximately 400 square miles, the weather can vary significantly, as can road conditions, in different parts of the county.  Often, the school system has to base its decisions on weather forecasts. This sometimes results in schools opening when the conditions are worseContinue Reading

Five seniors toured the White House on Nov. 10, after a White House staffer reached out to Principal Jeff Litz about the opportunity for seniors passionate about history. History teacher Nora Brennan selected seniors Jai Bhide, Steve Underwood, Jordan Shamukiga, Claire Heiden and Devyn Lee at random. While on theContinue Reading