The Summer Residential Governor’s School is a competitive, selective program that gives exceptional students with similar interests the opportunity to spend four rigorous and educational weeks together from late June to early July.  “A good candidate is someone who’s super […] talented, super committed,” Governor’s School contact and art teacherContinue Reading

The Freshman Transition Program, or FTP, pairs senior mentors with classes of freshmen to help aid their transition from middle school to high school.  FTP went from in-person to virtual and back again, separated by gender to co-ed. Rank & File members recall their individual FTP experiences from the pastContinue Reading

Depending on grade, opted-in students will take either the SAT or PSAT on Wednesday, October 15.  The PSAT helps students familiarize themselves with the types of questions on the SAT and puts top-scorers in the pool for the National Merit Scholarship. For some seniors, this is the final opportunity toContinue Reading

In-person again for the first time in two years, the Freshmen Transition Program, or FTP, gives incoming freshmen the opportunity to learn from a group of senior mentors during fourth period.  FTP allows seniors to teach lessons intended to help ease a freshman’s transition from middle school to high school,Continue Reading