“Better Now” “I feel like this is a lot like his older songs, and I love the beat. I like the lyrics a lot too because I feel like it’s easy for a lot of people to relate to” — emaan khan, junior “I’ve always liked Post Malone. This song isContinue Reading

English teacher Walter Miller debuted his third album, Everything’s Jake, with his band the WD Miller Band at the Epicure Cafe on Nov. 12. “I’ve spent the last eight years working on this CD and I’m very proud of it,” Miller said. His efforts with the album have not beenContinue Reading

Administration explains reforms to Learn policy  With the start of the new year, the administration has set new security measures to ensure the safety of everyone in the school. Examples of these new security policies are the removal of a buzzer on Door Four and a new sign-out policy inContinue Reading

With the first three entries of the DC Extended Universe all having less than 60 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, Wonder Woman was Warner Brothers last hope to keep both critics and fans interested in their new franchise. Released on June 2, the highly anticipated entry into the DCEU stars GalContinue Reading

The History of the Americas classes have recently stopped their use of wikis, a shared online studying tool, for their essential knowledge assessments, which has many frustrated. This frustration is ultimately because wikis were many people’s main form of study for the classes assessments. However, I don’t have a problemContinue Reading

Student Services held its annual Freshmen Orientation on Feb 8 to introduce the class of 2021 to their high school career and the course requirements to follow an IB track. The event laid out every curricular and extracurricular activity with the hope of creating a welcoming atmosphere for prospective students.Continue Reading

The administration implemented a no bag policy for varsity football games, in order to prevent the possibility of illegal materials coming onto school grounds, in an attempt to stop drunk driving. This policy prevents anyone from being able to bring any opened containers or bags to the games because theContinue Reading

Winter break is a time for academics to hit the brakes, and athletics to take over. The boys varsity basketball team attended The Shootout by the Sea Tournament from Dec.19 to 21. “The tournament was a great opportunity for us to improve as a team and increase morale,” senior andContinue Reading