No one loves cliché romantic gestures more than I do, so while I’ll never be against the Valentine’s Day tradition of buying that special someone a box of chocolates or an overpriced teddy bear, I take issue with the underlying notions surrounding the holiday. My issues with Valentine’s Day stemsContinue Reading

On Nov. 30, the Key Club met during Learn to write holiday letters to hospitalized kids. “I love kids, and since it’s the holiday season, anything I can do to make someone’s day better would be wonderful,” junior Breanna Fulton said. “I just want everyone to have happy holidays.” KeyContinue Reading

Students staying in Northern Virginia for the summer discuss activities to do and locations to visit with friends and family throughout the upcoming months. “Over the summer I like to go to amusement parks like Busch Gardens and Kings Dominion. It’s fun, those rides are fun. I really enjoy goingContinue Reading

Access to necessary feminine hygiene products during the school day is limited. This issue was not addressed in the school’s remodel, but better late than never. One major step into easing the stress surrounding periods in school would be installing feminine hygiene product dispensers in the bathrooms and providing painContinue Reading

The rigor of the IB program can lead to complications in the schedules of active athletes. In some cases, the tight scheduling limits their ability to pursue both rigorous academics and involved athletics. More specifically, the Theory of Knowledge course required in order to obtain the IB diploma often conflictsContinue Reading