On April 14th, members of the community gathered in celebration of the Indian Festival of color, Holi.  Juniors Apoorva Navale, Laya Kalavapudi, and Manya Grover organized an event called Holi Moli as their IB Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) project. Navale said lots of preparation work was needed toContinue Reading

The English opinion written in the Rank&File’s November issue prompted discussion amongst the English department, bringing new attention to the curriculum. A few English teachers shared their opinions with our staffers regarding their reaction to the opinion piece, “Setting Up for Failure: Preliminary English courses do not prepare for theContinue Reading

 The 2023-24 Wrestling program has grown significantly since last season and welcomes new coaching. History teacher Alex Riddell is the new assistant coach for both girls and boys wrestling and has noticed the significant growth in interest regarding the girls program.  “We have over 60 students in wrestling which meansContinue Reading