1. Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway A short and simple read, Hemingway’s classic novel chronicles the three day adventure of fisherman Santiago and his battle with a large fish at sea.  Although the book is barely over 100 pages long, its complex themes and deeper meaning have madeContinue Reading

Even Anne of Green Gables suffered under unfair stereotypes. Redheads have been the target of Even Anne of Green Gables suffered under unfair stereotyping. Redheads have been the target of derogatory jokes and ridiculous generalizations for generations, in both literature and real life. I remember a particularly infuriating occasion inContinue Reading

  Ignacio reflects on childhood, uses vibrant colors From paintings on newspapers to models sculpted from glue guns, the art sophomore David Ignacio dabbles in shape his identity. “Without art I can’t do anything, because even when I take notes, I just doodle around,” Ignacio said. The colors that IgnacioContinue Reading

Cricket, fistball, flutterguts and ringball all have one thing in common: they aren’t standard sports popularized in the U.S. These other sports exist all over the globe, and they are not only just as engaging, but provide the opportunity to explore other cultures. The wealth of different sports America possessesContinue Reading

Quills to Keyboards, the creative writing club, gave students an opportunity to share their writing with the local community by hosting an open mic night at Caffe Amouri in Vienna. Preparations for the event, which took place on Feb. 6, began in September after club president and founder Olivia Dabich, junior,Continue Reading