Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In has held the top of the nonfiction bestseller list for eight consecutive weeks. Her treatise on modern feminism is being read and discussed everywhere.

Through personal anecdotes and scientific research, Sandberg supports her argument for increased female engagement in the workforce. While her stories and research enlighten, her arguments can feel a bit cliché, a bit vague. Her titular recommendation to “lean in” is the vaguest recommendation of all.

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Approaching Pho Sate, you’d never know the value within. The restaurant is hidden under an overhang in a dull strip mall on the corner of Graham Road and Route 50.

However, the inside of the restaurant is vibrant, both as a result of the kiwi-green walls and the downright delicious soup.

The line was running out the door when we got there, with tables full of Northern Virginians enjoying lunch. Why is this place so popular?

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On Feb. 7, 2013, the assessment of the FCPS school lunch program started, an assessment that will lay out a plan for FCPS to transition to a healthier school food program that features more fresh foods.

“They’re not giving us a report card,” Real Food for Kids co-founder and Marshall parent JoAnne Hammermaster said. “What they’re going to do is give us a road map, for probably 3-5 years. How do you transition from heat-and-serve to hopefully phasing in fresh food?”

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Just like the rest of voting America, the Young Democrat and Young Republican clubs are counting down the days until the elections. But for them, that day will be less important than those leading up to it.

These remaining weeks before the elections will be filled with canvassing, phone banking and other activities to support their respective candidates, in an effort to affect the election in a way that will have more of an effect than simply voting would.

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As you walk in to Sushi Yoshi, the first question asked is: “Do you have a reservation?” Reservations seem a bit out of place in the small and quiet restaurant.

The modern hanging lamps are a contrast to the traditional fabric prints on the walls, which surround the small tables sprinkled throughout the room. The look hovers between eclectic and mismatched. In the back of the room, behind a tall bar, the sushi chefs are at work, crafting rolls and sashimi in front of patrons.

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Senior Ashley Coates sized herself up—not just against her competition, but more importantly, herself. At the Skills USA Hot Foods Preparation Competition on Feb. 11, Coates tested her cooking skills against fellow high school students.

“I have always grown up around cooking,” Coates said. “I thought it would be a fun thing to see if I actually know as much as I think I do.”

At the competition, Coates demonstrated her knowledge of hot food storage, knife skills and preparation of a roasted chicken.

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The crackle of the wrapper sounds deafening in the hush of the early morning. School is beginning and the nauseating, repulsive smell of fake strawberries is just too much. Are Pop-Tarts really necessary at such an early hour? All you want is tea ? an idea is born. Why notContinue Reading