Matthew Kulikosky on guitar spring concert featuring special student solos and group performances of all genres: What differs between the spring and winter shows? The spring show is kind of special because [during] the second half of the show students can perform in their own groups. They can perform soloContinue Reading

Despite date changes and complications, the theater program’s production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is underway. A year away from the physical stage still affects the preparation for November’s fall play, not only for the actors, but especially what goes on behind the scenes. “There have been many changes whileContinue Reading

In the era of COVID-19, science classes adapted by utilizing virtual labs last year. Now, lost lab skills are coming back to bite IB Chemistry 2 seniors. Even in the 4th quarter of last year with a mix of in-person and virtual students, the science department decided to keep theContinue Reading

School-Based Technology Specialist Rachel Baxter brings a new perspective on inclusive learning with her passion for social justice. Baxter is used to misconceptions about her job, the most notable being the “Technology” part of her title. “I don’t think tech is always the answer,” Baxter said. “I think a lotContinue Reading